Castlly Pay


How does Castlly Pay work?

Castlly Pay is the simplest way for African informal traders and anyone to receive and send payments to and from anywhere in the world. With Castlly Pay, you get a wallet that can accept international transfers. No limitations exist with Castlly Pay.

To begin using Castlly Pay; create your Castlly ID on and instantly receive a free USD wallet for receiving and making seamless transactions on Castlly.


What IDs can I sign up on Castlly Pay with?

On Castlly, we've made it easy to sign up using only your Castlly ID. Use one Castlly ID to access every service on Castlly. It is important to sign up with your Castlly ID and powerful password so as to prevent impersonation and also keep you safe.


What are the exchange rates?

At Castlly Pay, we strive to offer the fairest exchange rates. As at the time of purchasing or selling a foreign currency with your local currency, the rates are always slightly lower than the prevailing market rates.


Can I set up an international account on Castlly Pay?

Yes, you can. You can create USD accounts. Once you sign up on Castlly, you automatically receive a USD virtual account.


How do I make payment for goods to an international bank account?

i. Tap on My account and then tap on wallet.

ii. Top up your wallet and Input the amount you would like to send instantly.


How do I withdraw my funds?

i. Click on Wallet -> Withdraw; and select your preferred method of withdrawal for example: “Alipay” and key in "Your Alipay phone number" under the withdrawal field.

ii. Withdraw your preferred amount instantly.


How do I withdraw to my local bank account?

i. Click on Wallet -> Withdraw; and type in your preferred bank account for example: "Your Bank name, Swift Code, City, Country and Bank account number" under the withdrawal field.

ii. Withdraw your preferred amount instantly.


Which countries can I send or receive money from?

Currently, money can be sent and received to your Castlly Pay account in any country and through the following digital wallets - Paypal, Alipay, WeChat Pay, Coinbase (for crypto currencies), Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Union Pay, Discovery and more.

You can access Castlly Marketplace's sales team through email: [email protected] , or over the phone; Toll Free +1 888 7187 880 and live chat. Live chat with support is available 24hrs on your dashboard.