Fulfillment Centers

Fulfillment centers

Where are your fulfillment centers located?

Castlly's fulfillment centers are located in USA, Europe, Australia and Mainland China. Your inventory will be distributed to locations close to your customers so you can provide them with two-day order deliveries.

Does Castlly have international fulfillment centers?

Castlly’s fulfillment centers currently operate within USA, Europe, Australia and Mainland China. Orders can be shipped internationally as well.

How do I know where to send my inventory?

We provide you with a single fulfillment center to send your inventory, and then we distribute it to the rest. This keeps your products close to your customers.

Do you have live chat or phone support?

Yes. In addition to speaking with fulfillment experts via email, you can access Castlly Developer's support team over the phone and live chat. You can even chat with support available 24hrs on discover.castlly.com.