Castlly Global Fulfillment Network

Getting started

How do I know if I qualify for Castlly Global Fulfillment Network?

The Castlly Developer review team will evaluate your store when you apply and let you know the results.

We currently accept stores in Mainland China, USA and Australia fulfilling three or more orders per day whose products are not on our prohibited items list.

Submit your application to join the Castlly Global Fulfillment Network by simply including your Castlly Developer ID and store name and send to the following email address:

[email protected]

Apply to discover if Castlly Global Fulfillment Network is right for your business.

How long does it take to start fulfilling with Castlly Global Fulfillment Network?

Onboarding can take as little as 2 days from start to finish. Our fulfillment experts can also help you through any parts of the process for a smooth transition.

Do I need to commit to a long-term contract?

No. You can cancel your contract with Castlly Global Fulfillment Network at any time with 35 days’ notice, letting you scale your business confidently without being locked into anything.

CAUTION: You're responsible for any inventory customs, import, or export fees associated with transferring inventory to CGFN. You're also responsible for state taxes based on where your inventory is stored.

Domestic fulfillment fees

When a customer places an order for delivery within Mainland China, Australia or USA; CGFN picks the items that were ordered, packages them, and ships them out. Domestic fulfillment fees include the following costs:

  • inbound receiving
  • pick and pack
  • supplies
  • domestic transportation
  • Most domestic orders are delivered within two days for the majority of customers in the continental Mainland China. Fulfillment might take longer than two days based on your minimum inventory levels and product catalog, and for orders that need split shipments.

    Domestic fulfillment charges are based on the total number of units in a fulfillment and their respective weights.

    International fulfillment fees

    International fulfillment fees are charged to fulfill orders that are delivered outside Mainland China. These fees include the following costs:

  • inbound receiving
  • pick and pack
  • supplies
  • international transportation
  • International orders can be shipped at two speeds:
  • Fast (5 to 7 days)

    Slow (7 to 21 days)

    Storage fees

    CGFN offers free storage for all units that are sold within the first 30 days of being received at an CGFN fulfillment center. Any units that aren't sold after 30 days will start to accrue storage fees.

    Storage fees are calculated by multiplying the total volume of variants in cubic feet, the number of variants, and the storage rate of $2.05 per cubic foot divided per day. Storage charges are calculated daily and charged at the end of the monthly CGFN billing cycle.

    Do you have live chat or phone support?

    Yes. In addition to speaking with fulfillment experts via email, you can access Castlly Developer's support team over the phone and live chat. You can even chat with support available 24hrs on